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Logo Design

We start by immersing ourselves in the brand

Logo creative moves not only by design. It moves the consumer to feel, and to act. It moves success metrics.

Our process similar to the way an actor gets into character, we start by immersing ourselves in the brand. That means research—on the brand, competitive landscape, consumer demographics and psychographics. Next comes a filtration process in which we challenge the task we’ve been given.

We have designed hundreds of logo in pass 20 years.

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Corporate ID

In the Internet age, the brand is the main asset of the company. The brand is no longer just a means of communication for the company, but has rather become identical with the business itself. Branding contains the formulation of a main brand idea, which is implemented flexibly in an entire concept consisting of the information architecture, visuality, tonality, and process.

APZ's branding strategy is " Simple, Elegant and Impressive "

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