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Graphic Design

We specialize in producing brochures, annual reports, packaging, corporate identity, web design, and branding. With an enduring need to generate outstanding work, our experienced team draws its high level of expertise from diverse backgrounds and a shared curiosity.

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Outdoor Banners

Outdoor advertising is growing to be more imporant all over the world. It is an essentail part of a multi-dimensional advertising strategy for a brand.

APZ have been invovled in the design and production of these outdoor media platform such as Outdoor Advertising Banner and Light Box.

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Cover of the promotion CD: AIA (Investment-Linked Business Department)


APZ multimedia is a division of the APZ Group. It aims to combine creativity with cutting edge technology as to offer the highest quality nultimedia service to corporate clients. With solid production experience, we can provide a one stop shop for all your media requirements.

Our services includes:

  • CD Rom Publishing
  • Business Presentation
  • Promotion Game
  • Information Kiosk

Our experienced consultants will work closely with clients to apply the latest technology to meet the communications needs as to create real impact on target audience.

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