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Digital Marketing Strategy
One Stop Solution
Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Weibo
Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Web Exposure Maximization
Enhance web presence
Forum Marketing
Forum monitoring, Posting threads
Web Monitoring
Brand Healthiness Monitoring
Email Marketing
E-newsletter, Video newsletter
Web Programming
Apps, Online shops, CMS, Facebook campaign
Web Hosting
Domain names, Web hosting, Ftp hosting
Logo Design
Logo, Stationery design
Visual Identity
VI design, Corporate image, Branding
Web Design
Web site revamp, Web page update
Graphic Design
Magazine ads, Catalogue, Outdoor ads
Interior Design
Concept generation, 3-D drawings
Booth design, Exhibition planning
Event management
Shop Display
Display concepts, Visual drawings
Product Design
3-D drawings
Kickstarter Services
One Stop Solution to put your products on world stage
Video to introduce products
Shooting, editing, 3d animations
Digital marketing consultants, Seo consultants, IT consultants, Design consultants
Digital Marketing Team
Digital marketing executives, Web programmers, Web designers
Video Production Team
Directors, Video Editors, Video Animation Designers, Cartoon illustrators
Graphic Design Team
Banding managers, Graphic designers, Interior designers
Web Production Team
Web programmers, Web designers, Server management staffs
Sales and Project Management Team
Follow up with clients, Project schedule management
With a fix salary, you can employ a whole team of digital marketing and design professionals to work for your branding and marketing plans.
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